SF July Chills & February Heat! WHAAAT?!


The coldest winter we ever knew was July of 2016 in San Francisco. Literally, we had warmer evenings back in mid-winter. With the month's climate data now in, the average high temperature for July only hit 65.2 - the coldest July in six years - while February's average daily high was 66.4 degrees as measured in downtown San Francisco.

While July felt downright chilly, August so far is on track to have  colder afternoons than February too, averaging just 65.7 for the daily high temperatures so far.  

Now, to be clear, we're talking about the temperatures we notice -- the daily high.  

Wanna know more fascinating San Francisco weather and temperature factoids, read the full article, here. Locals, you won't be that surprised. A visitor to the city? This article gets it right. Seriously. No joke. Our weather is as quirky as our people!


Via SFGate